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Costa – Full Auto – Night

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6 Responses to “Costa – Full Auto – Night”

  1. Jon C. says:

    Prime example of why muzzle brakes are fun and effective, but not practical for a gun you are going to pick a fight with.

  2. mpower6428 says:

    its just too bad more taliban insurgents arnt using those. fire direction would be a cinch.

  3. Vincent says:

    Glorious muzzle fire = glorious ‘shoot me’ neon sign.

  4. AttackBlue1 says:

    Mr. Costa needs a 249F flash hider from B.E. Meyers. 2:35 shows how it handles a .50 Cal.

  5. ODG says:

    Gents lets keep things in perspective, I completely agree that muzzle breaks do increase your flash signature, and that if you are in harms way you should run suppressed 24/7 period. That said there are a lot of variables here, first being barrel length, second being ammunition and powder quality, third- type of break, lastly if you run anything on auto unless it’s suppressed it’s going to spit a lot of fire. Breaks although they add flash signature, reduce recoil and generally help stabilize the round as it leaves the muzzle thus giving you more accuracy and control, an old texas cowboy told me once “consistency is accuracy” a more accurate consistent weapon means a more accurate consistent marksman which translates to first round hits on target and if thats the case you don’t need to worry about the return fire.