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Ares Armor Satellite Ruck

Ares Armor has just released their new Satellite Ruck. It fits right in between the daypack-sized Combat XII Pack and full-sized Atlas Ruck as a mid-range patrol pack. The Satellite Ruck fits to an ALICE Frame and is manufactured from 1000D Cordura. Additionally, it accepts the Combat XII Pack to make a modular pack for approach and actions on the objective.

It comes with the padded Atlas Shoulder Straps and Kidney pad, as well as an Alice frame. An integrated top flap includes organization pouches as well as a panel with nylon daisy chain and webbing for securing small tools.

The pack will be offered in Black, Coyote, MultiCam and A-TACS AU & FG. Additionally, you will be able to purchase it along with the optional Combat XII Pack for additional stowage.

Available now for pre-order from, with a 15 March release date.

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8 Responses to “Ares Armor Satellite Ruck”

  1. WRTCHD1 says:

    Bitchin’ pack! Great bunch of guys too!

  2. mcantu says:

    whats the point of camo if half the ruck is covered in 1″ strips of khaki webbing?

  3. Gort says:

    What mcantu said. Get rid of the tan webbing, it obscures the hell out of the camo.

  4. Joe says:

    I like the look of it but they should go with the DownEast frame instead

  5. Jesse says:

    mcantu, the pack is available for order with matching webbing for the A-TACS AU and MultiCam pattern for a small supplement. As soon as the A-TACS FG webbing is fully available, it too will be a selection for the matching pack. Some people prefer the lower cost on the standard option and do their own customization with pouch coverage.


  6. Buckaroomedic says:

    Great, another 21st Century pack bag on a 19th Century frame. I wish there was a better option in frames out there for the fighting man. Nice looking options on the back though.

  7. Alan says:

    When ACU came out, everything had foliage green straps & webbing until ACU webbing was available a few months later.

    When Multicam came out, everything had coyote straps & webbing until MC webbing became available a few months later.

    When ATACS Desert came out,everything had coyote straps & webbing until ATACS Desert webbing became available.

    I sure wish companies would stop their rush to be the first to shake Soldiers down for a dime making inferior products and equipment when if these same money-hungry companies would hold off a month or two, they’d get the color-matching webbing,and the Soldier would then not have to turn around and try to sell the camo pack/non matching straps in order to get the new,full camo one, or be stuck with the first one and shell out twice.
    These companies are in such a rush to get Soldiers money,with equipment that is mostly the webbing color,with a barely visible camo base-its ridiculous.Im not singling any company in particular out, but these “Tactical Companies” are so damn money hungry,they charge 10 times what something is worth because they know Joes want the newest “hi-Speed” equipment and will pay to get it so they can be the first,or whatever reason,when, like every camo color including this ATACS,it comes out with non matching webbing and straps,and the Joes that shell out for it pay the same or more than the Joes who later buy packs with color matching stuff. I wish it was more about the Soldier,than about the rush to get a product out to get Joes money,when it is only going to be changed and made “right” in just a few weeks or months.

  8. Blake says:

    Looks like an ILBE wannabe to me- I do like the extra pockets ill say though- they need to switch the PALS webbing color for ranger green though, and invent a different frame for fuck sake. ALICE is old, worn out, played out, and just plain sucks. Yes, old grunts will say its a sturdy pack, (which it most certainly is) but I still have the scars from mine from 20 years ago, and I want something that will sit atop and hug my armor nicely. MOLLE and ALICE just wont cut the mustard- get a new frame system!