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What The Hell, It’s Friday Night

As you probably know, SSD is supporters of EOD. Hope some of you find some humor in this, tragic train wreck humor, but humor nonetheless.

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5 Responses to “What The Hell, It’s Friday Night”

  1. EODClass03180S says:

    I guess this would be funnier if I was Brit EOD?

    • SSD says:

      Imagine your service’s Primary EOD unit might be disbanded and EOD support for your service turned over to another service.

      5131 (BD) Sqn is the bomb disposal or EOD squadron of the Royal Air Force.

  2. Oneoops31 says:

    Its Air Force EOD no like it’s real EOD. I can still remember when the Det on Oki and Guam where told they could not operate off base because the both screwed up responding to ERW calls.

  3. crusader says:

    it´s not so funny when you know what they are talking^^ (iam from Germany) 🙂

  4. JP says:

    USAF EOD in CONUS was only finally allowed to respond off-base after the Army EOD’s realignment, leaving USAF EOD the only ones around in most cases. Between the mustard-round incidents (read: complete fuk-ups) on the East Coast, and CE’s incompetent mismanagement of EOD, it’s amazing they still exist.

    I’ll break their balls all day service to service, but losing our AF EOD would be a hit to all the services I think.