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Some Kryptek Teasers

Kryptek‘s family of camouflage patterns was chosen as a finalist in the US Army Camo Improvement Effort. Here are a few shots of the Highlander pattern in the field.


6 Responses to “Some Kryptek Teasers”

  1. Ray says:

    Are you guys gonna offer this camo on the open market for Hunters?
    Are you going to use BDU style pants and jacket?
    Are you going to make it out of cotton or 50/50 with Ripstop?
    Are you going to going to offer the M-65 Field jacket?
    Are you going to offer it in Gore Tex?

    Is it made in the US?

  2. Donovan Moser says:

    The problem is the Army is as worried about how the camo pattern looks fashion wise as they are worried about how the pattern functions in the field. The powers that be want something that will look good on a recruiting poster and will make the Sergeants-Major happy, so I doubt they will adopt any “leaf” camo.

    It will probably be another digital debacle.

  3. Ryan Welch says:

    If you look closely at the pattern, it really is the best of both worlds–looks sharp with integrated web pattern and earthtones that obviously work effectively. “LEAF” refers to Kryptek’s Law Enforcement/Armed Forces” family of patterns, so this isn’t your daddy’s Realtree or stick and grass camo. It is truly cutting edge technology that will give us an edge of the battlefield.

  4. krossh says:

    I wish the “powers that be” were as concerned with fit and functionality as they were with the camo pattern. Velcro is a waste of time, as is the sizing of the current ACU. We need to go to regular sizing such as 32R or 34S rather than Medium Short or Large Long.. I swim in my Medium Regulars. There have been many advancements in camoflauge clothing from companies like Kryptek, Underarmour, and Sitka. I would like the see the DoD inherit some of these technologies to make the warfighter better able to perform his mission and more comfortable in the process. Tanks, Planes, and Smart weapons have their place but the boots on the ground is where they need more focus. Thanks Kryptek for what you do and best of luck in the upcoming DoD tests. Between us; I’d be stoked if you or Crye got the contract.

  5. Cody says:

    They actually need to take the patterns out of the Pentagon and look at it in the field. I sure hope that they make a better choice than they did with the UCP. Just like there isn’t a “Universal” tool to fix your car, there isn’t a Universal Camouflage to fit all the environments. At least they figured that one out, albeit about 5 7 years late but still. These patterns look pretty good to me but these are from pictures. I’m sure that when you put the UCP on the pallet you could match the environment to it and make it blend very well. Let me see it in Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan or Iran or Korea or China.

  6. TTe says:

    from my eye’s the pattern is combination of mobile phone signal strength coverage area prediction superimposed with the ideal pattern cell sites service area honey comb. this is an interesting cross field adaptation.