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UVR Defense Tech in Alpha-Testing of Durable UV Camo Coatings

With the proliferation of simple technologies to monitor increasing portions of the electromagnetic spectrum simple visual signature camouflage is no longer enough. Much work has been done in IR and NIR suppression. UVR Defense Tech specializes in the ultraviolet portion of the EM spectrum. The more you learn about this area of expertise, the more important you will realize that UV defense is not a one size fits all solution and has to be tuned based on the military operating environment.

UVR Defense Tech is currently Alpha testing two durable UV signature management solutions – UVRC-P for Shelter Fabric and UVRC-A for uniforms and other simple fabrics.

UVRC-P for Shelter Fabrics
Military tents and other fabric shelters for field use, e.g., mess-halls and operating theaters, are usually constructed of a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) coating on a polyester substrate. UVRC-P may be sprayed, rolled, brushed, or printed onto the PVC as a thin, matte, hard-wearing topcoat; intimately bonded to the PVC. Drying in minutes, the UVRC-P acts as UV camouflage, reflecting the percentage of UVA appropriate to the surroundings; for example, 7% in foliage or 22% in desert sand. Though applied for its camouflage attributes, UVRC-P also increases the life of the PVC substrate by blocking (reflecting/absorbing/scattering) the near-UV light. UVRC-P will not alter the visible or near-IR properties of the fabric. This patent-pending camouflage will soon be available to license in 7%, 22%, 50%, and 80% UV reflectances.

UVRC-A for Uniforms
UVRC-A is water-based and non-toxic. It may be sprayed, rolled, brushed, or printed onto standard military fabric. UVRC-A has most of the properties of UVRC, in that it serves as UV camouflage, without significantly altering the visible or near-IR camouflage substrate. However, UVRC-A is a durable – projected 50 washes – addition to the fabric. UVRC-A will be available as 7% and 22% UV-reflective compounds, in ready to apply liquid form. Licensing will be available.


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