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StrikeMark GoPro GLOCK Mount

StrikeMark has introduced a Glock mount to their line of GoPro mounting products. Designed to fit all Glock models, it’s made from 6061-T6 Aluminum with a powder coated matte-black finish and comes with a nylon-tipped set screw and a 3/32 hex key for easy installation.

You can order it directly from StrikeMark.

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14 Responses to “StrikeMark GoPro GLOCK Mount”

  1. o gomez says:

    where would this be practical???

  2. Johnny says:

    Too bad you won’t be able to holster your pistol with this. In my opinion that kills any practicality of this. I like the idea I’d the Contour HD better. Way lower profile. If allows you to still use NVGs with it, and mot be sticking straight up off your helmet waiting to get knocked off.

  3. willy b says:

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get dumber.

    • SSD says:

      Where do you think those POV clips come from? I think it has a limited audience but for those that need it, I think its a great solution.

    • Yanne says:

      …you go and pull something like this. And totally redeem yourself!!!!!!!!

  4. kilroy says:

    Wouldn’t this fit any rail? What makes it Glock specific?

    • Yanne says:

      What makes it Glock specific is where the set screw is placed and where the material is machined out that allows it to cozy up to the trigger as much as possible so its not hanging off the end of the muzzle. This also fits SIG Sauer pistols.

  5. Yanne says:

    This is Yanne with Strikemark, the maker of these mounts. With the introduction of this Glock mount, I’ve witnessed a lot of comments about how un-tactical and ridiculous this mount is. My response -obviously! This mount is just a fun and interesting way of mounting a camera to a weapon, that’s it. Its not meant to run into a house and videotape the rescue of Elian Gonzalez or the takedown of UBL. But if you like to use your GoPro and have some fun on the range, you’ll probably get your money’s worth.

    Our company prides itself on making real equipment for real operators (DEVGRU, NSWG, CAG, Department of State, Canadian Special Forces to list a few), but we also like to have a little fun. Throughout the course of marketing our main products (The SM-1 Target System) we looked for ways to get cool shots of our targets being used, which we have since incorporated into our marketing. It took off from there…everybody from airsofters to Marine helicopter door gunners to SEALs to SWAT teams buy these mounts. Companies such as Trijicon, Daniel Defense, 5.11 Tactical, and Magpul have also bought our mounts to incorporate into their shooting videos. To be able to make a product that respected operators and companies want, use, and like…well that’s something we’re pretty damn proud of.