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Metolius Operational Equipment Preview

We are meeting later today with the Metolius rep. We thought we’d share with you the read ahead info he gave us. Both the Patriot and Tactical harnesses are Berry compliant.

MOE Flyer 2012



2 Responses to “Metolius Operational Equipment Preview”

  1. nils says:

    Metolius: worst climbing stuff i have ever used. There is a company in the Uk with much better military climbing stuff: DMM. You can order every item of their fantastic carabiners, Quickdraws, Ice Axes, cams etc. in black or olive green.


    or here


    • SSD says:

      You sound like a shill. This usually doesn’t end well for companies that bash others and promote themselves. And oh yeah, by the way, Metolius is a US company.