Velocity Systems

VTAC Quick Detach Ultralight Vertical Grip

There are two versions of the grip. One features horizontal cutouts on the grip and the other 45 deg cutouts (seen below) but both are 3.8 ounces despite being manufactured from Type II Anodized Machined 6061T Aircraft Aluminum. This is interesting because there are many who feel that you need the additional strength of metal to withstand the shock of barrel taps. The unique design relies on a simple O ring to retain 2ea AA or 2ea CR123 batteries. Additionally, it attaches to the rail via the patented DLOC system. If anything, you’ve gotta love the color name; Scorched Earth.

Yes, you can get the grip numerous places but we recommend

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6 Responses to “VTAC Quick Detach Ultralight Vertical Grip”

  1. Mobious says:

    Nice how they give the option for both cuts, but the batteries aren’t protected from the weather… well, nothing duct tape can’t fix 😛

  2. Josh says:

    Okay, I give – what do you mean by barrel tap?

    • SSD says:

      Barrel thump… barrel tap, the thrusting of a barrel into the fleshy portions of a human being or animal to coerce them to do what you want.

  3. Brian Muoio says:

    I think it is gimmick’y why re invent the wheel. Poly v grip is only way. This looks like its for the guy who has every pep Boy Accessories on his truck with all the chrome and dice on the mirrors.

  4. jason says:

    gloves required…… Marketing and coolness. I just had a Doublstar really nice foregrip. Some sharpy sharp stuff when i was holding the gun only by the foregrip and it twisted in my hand. OUCH!! that was 30 minutes after un-packing it. Sending it back tomorrow. this un-friendly rectangle will only be good for Stretch man…Plastic man…what’s that guys name?