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Smokin’ Deal on Water Bottles

Extreme Outfitters has just introduced a new 32 oz Wide Mouth water bottle. These BPA Free bottles are Grey with Black lids and made from Eastman Tritan, a material that offers clarity, toughness, heat resistance and chemical resistance. The coolest thing about these is that they come with the spillguard insert. Ok, maybe this is the coolest thing; they are only $4.99 through the end of this month.



2 Responses to “Smokin’ Deal on Water Bottles”

  1. Tyler says:

    sweet TAS logo

  2. Whammy! says:

    Shipping is more than double the bottle cost. REI sells Nalgenes for $10 all day long. The old school ones (off-white color) are under $7. To beat REI, you’d have to buy 6 or 7 at a time. I guess the spill guard makes you even at 2 or 3 probably. I guess I’m just bummed on principle.

    I pretty much only buy from places that offer free shipping – knowing full well it’s rolled into the cost, of course – it just makes things easier and I feel it better represents the product and service I’m buying.

    Good deal nonetheless, thanks for the post!