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Core Survival HEL-STAR 6

Previously we wrote about the Core Survival HEL-STAR 5 which you can see in the photo above. It was designed specifically to work with the Gentex PM HALO helmet. It’s been used by a wide variety of military units. One of those DoD customers asked Core Survival to develop a new model that would increase lateral visibility. The result is the HEL-STAR 6.

For Core Survival HEL-STAR 6 is a natural progression of the HEL-STAR family, starting with HEL-STAR 4 and later evolving to the HEL-STAR 5. All three product lines were designed and built around user input, addressing user requirements.

It offers any combination of white, green, blue, red, and IR lights (either flashing or steady). Additionally, they offer variable flash rates and coded signals for IFF.

It can be turned on, while mounted and while wearing gloves. According to Core Survival the light also features, “Positive visual and tactile confirmation of ON/OFF and operating status with no guesswork.” Additionally, it is powered by a CR123 battery and Made in USA!

There are four models with different functions based on various user profiles.
HEL-STAR 6 Models
610 – Two Function
620 – Four Functions (Two Secure Firewalled, Two Overt Firewalled)
630 – Three Functions with secure lock out mode
640 – Four Functions (All for available with switches)

The button at the top of the light is either a nose plug or switch, depending on the model. It is used to change operating modes (e.g., overt/covert). The units are preprogrammed at the plant.


11 Responses to “Core Survival HEL-STAR 6”

  1. What the ? says:

    Looks an awful lot like an S&S strobe.

  2. V says:

    I would go as far to say it is a copy. That’s sad. I’m all for competition in industry, but knock-offs are not the sincerest form of flattery. I would guess that this was not as much about imitation as it was about the customer saying they wanted the aforementioned original, but asked the manufacturer to give it a shot to do something similar at lower cost. This is where integrity should have prevailed, but it did not and this company just made a knock-off and wrapped it in a slightly different bow. So, much for integrity and ingenuity. Again, sad.

  3. Ryan says:

    Although this one does include the ability to switch between colors and not just IR making it like a combo v-lite and manta. Its interesting to say the least.

  4. Pliner says:

    I agree, it does look a lot like S&S’s light.With that said, the helstar 5 is hard to see when under canopy depending on the viewing angle of the observer. As a strobe, it isn’t quiet up to snuff despite the claim of meeting FAA requirements. The form factor is ideal compared to the old school strobe but its performance is not equal so I can see why they’ve gone in this direction and size. The next quuestion is what is the price point? S&S tends to overprice some of their items, so if Core’s price point is lower, I can forsee this product becoming popular.

  5. M says:

    The HEL-STAR 6 uses similar technology as the HEL-STAR 4 & 5 though radically expanded. The external body was raised to enhance lateral visibility and to allow changing batteries without a tool. By moving into a new platform, it gave room to add more features and also the ability to continually upgrade technology as it becomes available. As mission needs change, the HEL-STAR 6 has the flexibility to remain responsive on into future generations. Input for development came from several different user groups which is why there are so many models.

  6. James says:

    This was developed off user requirements and exceeds the functions of the Manta. The Manta has a green strobe and is not appropriate for MFF operations and the Hel-Star has green steady and a white strobe plus IR. Sounds like a multi-purpose light that can be used in multiple applications.

    • Tom says:

      You obviously don’t know your products.or lack the ability to pick up a phone and call someone to ask if they can do it.
      When it comes to lights a program board can easily change the lighting and every manner. If the COTS generic light did not meet the needs any unit looking to purchase more than a few could have had the manta customized to any light pattern needed. It’s too easy I did it!

  7. S&S Precision has made a White Overt w/IR for some time now. It has not been advertised because of the units ordering it. Based on the huge success of these orders S&S Precision has put White Overt w/IR as a standard item now in addition to the Green Overt w/IR. If you have any further questions about S&S Precisions capabilities or products please contact me directly.

  8. Chris says:

    Folks who think the Hel-Star 6 is a knock-off or a copy of anything haven’t had their hands on one yet. Aside from being designed for helmet mounting via Velcro and using LEDs (which Hel-Star 4’s and 5’s have been doing for six years or so), Hel-Star 6 is unlike anything on the market in terms of how it looks, no-snag shape, operating switch design, overt/covert firewall, battery provisions, the number and variety of functions. Its a completely different animal.