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Helmet Cable & Accessory Management System


War Sport Industries has introduced their new Cable & Accessory Management System for the Ops-Core FAST Helmet or other helmets with ventilation holes. As you can see it is a bungee system that will hall manage cables as thick as .65″. Granted, it is a very specialized item, but it is an innovative idea. I expect we will see some further development from War Sport.

Coming March 30th from warsport-us.net.

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10 Responses to “Helmet Cable & Accessory Management System”

  1. Joe says:

    Wouldn’t mind this if just for rigging up netting, foliage, etc

  2. Doug E. Doug says:

    I love companies like this. It’s so great to see people out there who look at a product and use it, and say “I think I can make this better for the end user in a way the original designer couldn’t possibly think of.” Makes me all excited!

  3. RobD says:

    Keep your eyes on this company, they are on the move!

  4. Bryan says:

    They’ve got that reversed flag on the wrong side

  5. Ycare says:

    Well, that’s a familiar one, I’ve been using a similar shock cord system on my Base Jump for about a year now.
    Anyway, it’s very convenient for inserting foliage and avoiding unnecessary scratches on the helmet’s paint when it’s rolling around. One can do it himself though like I did, very cheap and easy.

  6. Got Em says:

    Why even put a flag on it if its wrong? Misuse of the reverse flag #4,382,928,191,999

  7. Grizz says:

    It’s April 4th now and I still can’t find this on their website or anywhere.

  8. Grizz says:

    It’s April 4th now and I still can’t find this on their website.