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Tac Med Surgical Airway Kit – Hard CaseADS

The Tac Med Surgical Airway Kit – Hard Case is specifically designed to successfully establish and secure a surgical airway in any environment. Don’t let the “surgical” term in the name fool you into thinking this is intended solely for treatment facilities. Sure, it’s a great kit for clinical use, but it’s real forte is field use. That’s why all of the components are packed into a re-usable hard case that can double as a temporary sharps container or function as a drug box after the kit is used.

The case opens and lays flat creating a work surface while performing the procedure. The kit’s dimensions were based on a standard M-4 magazine pouch, allowing the kit to be stored in a pouch outside of the medics’ bag for rapid access. All components are sterile and ready to use so no time is wasted opening several packages to complete the procedure.

Contents Include:
– Tracheostomy tube (cuffed)
– Tac Med Trach Tool
– 3cc syringe
– Serpent hook
– Alcohol swabs
– Gloves

The full line of Tac Med Solutions products are available for agency and unit purchase through

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