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Defense Companies in the Fort Bragg Area

Courtesy of ‘Elite’ magazine is this list of Defense companies operating in the vicinity of Ft Bragg.

D3M –
Global Services Corp –
Gryphon Group –
K2 Solutions –
K3 Enterprises –
MSA Paraclete Armor –
Military Wraps –
Partnership for Defense Innovations –
QRP Inc. Quick release pins, Leland –
RLM Communications –
Technical Support Equipment –
The Logistics Co –
Porter Scientific –
TigerSwan –
US Logistics –
Vet Pride Services –
Worldwide Language Resources –

National companies with a presence in Fayetteville
URS Federal Support Services –
DHS Systems –
AAR Mobility Systems –
Applied Research Associates –
American Systems –
Future Technologies, Inc –
Shee Aitká Inc
L-3 Communications –
BAE Systems –
Boeing –
General Dynamics –
Booz Allen Hamilton –
Johnson Controls Inc –
Sierra Nevada Corp –

They overlooked a few others as well:

Grey Group Training –
Archangel Armor –
XPX Armor & Equipment –
Combat Medical Systems –

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One Response to “Defense Companies in the Fort Bragg Area”

  1. Ryan says:

    Don’t forget Combat Medical Systems…they were actually referenced in an article from the publication.