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Caveat Emptor – Fake NVG Data Labels

Several versions of stickers that mimic the markings on genuine AN/PVS-14/15 Night Vision Devices have hit the market. They are designed to be placed on resin models of the devices to enhance realism for MilSim players and reenactors.

However, because of the way they are being marketed by some, we encourage everyone to pay attention to several key features of any real night vision devices they purchase or are issued. It has come to our attention that there are unscrupulous vendors marketing shop built subpar versions of the NVGs using tubes of unknown quality. They may use these types of stickers to mislead buyers. Military issued systems should be ok unless someone tried to do a switcharoo or supply at the small unit level got a ‘good deal’ on additional systems. Be diligent in pre-combat inspections.

If you need actual devices, buy factory direct ITT units that come with factory ITT stickers serialized on the unit that match the enclosed pre-paid UPS labels along with RMA tags. There are numerous vendors that are trustworthy. The best advice when dealing with night vision is: ‘Cheap’ doesn’t just mean inexpensive.

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