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For The Ladies – Fight Like a Girl

BOLO Report has begun what they hope will be a weekly feature. It’s called FIGHT LIKE A GIRL and although it’s written for anybody on the sharp end, it’s written by female subject matter experts. There are two installments “live” now.

Here’s an excerpt from the first article (the second just appeared today):

“One thing that amazes me is the majority of pocket knives that cops carry have to be turned around before they can be opened.  What sense does that make?  That’s okay if it is the knife you use as a tool, or for spreading peanut butter, but it is unacceptable if it is the knife you will go to when your pistol is out of play.  You wouldn’t use a holster that secured your pistol upside down, or carry a pistol that had a safety on muzzle end of the slide that you had to disengage before you could grip and shoot, so why carry a knife that does not truly fit the task at hand?

Consider: Your knife has become your primary weapon and you have two to choose from.  The first option is the uniform store knife that you paid $29.99 for and last week you used it to tighten a screw on your holster and broke off the tip.  The week before that, the roads were icy at work and you messed up your bumper, so you used your knife to cut off the piece of plastic that was rubbing against your tire so you could limp it back to your station.  Knife number two clips to your pocket in the proper orientation so that when it is drawn…”

Read the first article on BOLO Report (the second one is here).

The first two installments were written by members of the Women’s Tactical Association, but they’re hoping to add some female military SMEs to the line-up soon. (More on the WTA from SSD here, and something from their early days here.)




2 Responses to “For The Ladies – Fight Like a Girl”

  1. John Denny says:

    That’s cool that there are more women with knowlege to share, and that BOLO is providing another outlet for them.

    As to the article, it was good. I’m always a surprised that people need to be told that a knife is not a pry bar, etc… (which is why I don’t lend out my knives) but then I don’t remember if I myself was taught that, or if I just came upon it as common sense, as I’ve always done it for as long as I can remember. I EDC three knives for different purposes. One of them is only for that special occasion.

    It’s good to see professionals of any gender providing knowlege for those who need to know.

  2. Donovan Moser says:

    More cops playing soldier.