Kitanica 2-Zip Fleece

The Kitanica 2-Zip Fleece we told you about during SHOT Show is now for sale.

Drawing inspiration from wetsuits, the double zipper neck of the 2-Zip Fleece offers not only excellent ventilation but also, it’s easy to don and doff. Not only that, but we like the look too.

Made in USA from Polartec Thermal Pro 300 fleece and #10 YKK Zippers, in addition to the unique collar design with integrated flap pocket, it also features a zippered pocket on the left bicep.


4 Responses to “Kitanica 2-Zip Fleece”

  1. orlyg says:

    Ordered mine today. Initial review when it comes in. Hopefully they drop the jacket prices a bit. The sweater and soft shell $ seem reasonable

  2. Red says:

    Make it in a tan varient or olive and it would be mine

  3. PLiner says:

    Picked one of these up. Really well built and thick fleece. The dual zippers don’t interfere or rub your neck but the big pull tabs do jingle and make noise when you move around. Nothing a piece of black electrical tape or heat shrink can’t fix. Overall, a solid piece of gear.