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EMDOM-MM Adam Belt

Military Morons has once again teamed up with EMDOM USA to produce a new low-profile belt and, by extension, honor a pioneer in the tactical industry. Throughout the late 90s and an into the 00s, Israeli gear manufacturer Adam Steven of Smamit was well known among the internet tactical gear community. Unfortunately, he succumbed to cancer in January 2010. But not before creating many innovative designs. One of these was the ‘Tramping Trouser Belt’, or ‘TTB’. Tramping is a term well known in Europe for hiking and the point of the belt was a low-profile affair that would keep the wearer’s pants up but not irritate with a big buckle. MM liked the design but wanted to update the materials. When MM decided to move forward with the project he contacted Adam’s widow and has refused his usual design royalties and asked that they be instead be given to Adam’s widow.

The Adam belt is designed to hold your pants up with maybe a pouch or two. It isn’t a gun belt. It’s made of 2 inch wide webbing with an ITW 2” to 1” plastic reducer (attaches to a pull tab) at the end. There is a section of black Hypalon material sewn right next to the plastic reducer as it can tolerate the wear caused by the hook Velcro portion of the belt passing through the reducer.

The Adam Belt uses mil-spec materials including Tan Ghillie-tex buckles. It comes in MultiCam, Black, Sewer Green, and Coyoteish.
Sizes are:
Small: waist 27″ to 31″
Medium: waist 31″ to 35″
Large: waist 35″ to 39″
Extra large: waist 39″ to 43″
Custom sizes by special order.

The Adam Belt is available from EMDOM USA.

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2 Responses to “EMDOM-MM Adam Belt”

  1. Mel Terkla says:

    I would like to say bravo to MM and Emdom for honoring Adam with this belt design. Adam was my friend and we spent many hours on the phone over the years talking about gear. I have a Smamit decal on my chalkboard above my desk, so he will never be forgotten.

  2. Buckaroomedic says:

    I ordered one of these earlier this week when MM first introduced them on his web site. This belt looks like the perfect “low-pro” solution to wear underneath a waist belt. I too am/was a big fan of Smamit. Adam truly was an originator in the design of specialized military and civilian hiking gear.