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Escort Carbon Fiber Dagger Bundle

The Escort Carbon Fiber Dagger bundle from Carbon Fiber Gear includes all three knives in the series. These are carbon fiber so they don’t hold a razor edge but can be sharpened with sand paper. The outer surface of the blades are comprised of a 3k 2×2 twill weave fabric, while the inner surfaces are made up of 12 layers of uni-directional fiber. The handles are made up of a total of 36 layers of carbon fiber.

All are 100% carbon fiber and 100% Made in USA!



3 Responses to “Escort Carbon Fiber Dagger Bundle”

  1. swiss says:

    Well, ok, cool, made in USA.. but those are pricy for what you are getting, why not just spend a bit extra and get a custom piece from someone like Warren Thomas, or Google “DIVISION: T.S.A.” Both made in USA, the WT pieces will hold an edge like a knife should, the DTSA ‘tools’ are just about as bad as these carbon fiber pieces, will get about as sharp etc. though a better choice of styles for concealment.

    Just my 2c, oh and WT did a custom subdued finish on a blade he crafted for me, also cut me a discount due to active deployment.


  2. Ian Wendt says:

    The WT blades aren’t non-metallic. Not really a valid comparison. They’re also significantly more expensive.