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Survive Zombies Longer

The popular brand Survive Outdoors Longer has rebranded as Survive Zombies Longer.

From their website –
Zombie apocalypse survival requires both the right skills and the right equipment – it means innovating with what you have on hand and keeping a positive attitude to find your way out of a tough spot. SZL™ is committed to helping you Survive Zombies Longer by providing you with category-defining tools, kits, and essentials plus instructions, tips, and techniques from experts in the field. Don’t run out of luck – get SZL™.



2 Responses to “Survive Zombies Longer”

  1. me says:

    This zombie apocalypse thing needs to stop, it’s stupid: there isn’t going to be a zombie apocalypse.

  2. me says:

    If anyone still wants to visit the April Fools joke they put up they made it available here. http://www.surviveoutdoorslonger.com/index-zombie.php