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Army Corrects ATK Ammo Award Amount

We received this notice regarding our story earlier this week on the ATK 5.56mm ammo award – CORRECTION: April 3, 2012 — Due to a processing error in the Army’s automated reporting system, the award amount for contract W52P1J-09-D-0027, awarded to Alliant Techsystems Operations, L.L.C., is corrected from $2,541,000,000 to $122,601,783.

That’s a BIG difference. We were wondering how much ammo $2.5 Billion would buy.

6 Responses to “Army Corrects ATK Ammo Award Amount”

  1. waz says:

    “how much ammo $2.5 Billion would buy.”
    Just enough.

  2. John M. Denny says:

    It would be nice to know how many rounds we get for our taxpayer dollars.

    • mike says:

      it would also be interesting to know how much ammo actually gets chambered and fired by military personnel in training/combat versus that which ends up in their garages and the garages of their friends and business contacts…

      • John M. Denny says:

        I can only speak to my experience, which was a while ago, but they’re pretty strict with accountability during training, even to spent brass.

  3. Fortis says:

    Report Fraud, Waste, and Abuse at