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Tactical Floatation Support System

PECI Flotation LLC has introduced new armor compatible form factors of their highly popular Tactical Floatation Support System. Available with Overt (yellow) or Covert (black) bladders, TFSS provides 45 pounds of positive floatation in seawater at 33 feet, 57 pounds at 15 feet and 80 pounds on the surface. Additionally, TFSS has a safety confirmation for both staticline and MFF parachute operations from the US Army Developmental Test Command.

TFSS has been integrated into several armor designs including those by FirstSpear. In fact, FirstSpear is an early adopter. They immediately saw the lifesaving potential and went right to work on adapting their systems to accommodate TFSS. TFSS is not only a great way to provide emergency buoyancy it’s also low weight and volume compared to alternatives. FirstSpear’s integration is seamless and you won’t even know it’s there.

As you can see, Renegade Armor is offering TFSS as a stand alone system or integrated into any one of a variety of armor carriers.

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