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Caveat Emptor – ‘Replica’ Magpul MS3 Sling

Yes, it’s true. If someone builds something, someone else is more than happy to copy it and turn a quick buck. Lately, Magpul has been getting knocked off. This time it’s their Multi Mission Sling System. You’ve really got to be careful with this one. They’ve even done a good job of counterfeiting the packaging. The top photo features a counterfeit package and the lower photo depicts a real sling from Magpul.

As always, if a deal’s too good to be true; it is. Buy your kit from authorized dealers.


7 Responses to “Caveat Emptor – ‘Replica’ Magpul MS3 Sling”

  1. Nick says:

    Magpul knock off’s have been around for a few years now. When I buy their stuff, It’s almost always from them directly, just to ensure it’s the real deal.

  2. I got hosed on one of their first ones. I got it at a surplus store price was the same. Got it home the paint on the clasps basically flaked off at the touch of metal. Damn fakers.

    • G Koenig says:

      The paint on the snap shackle flakes off very easily on the real-deal MS2.

      AFAIK, there is only one (Asian) producer of those snap shackles, so even the knockoff MS2s are going to be using the same bit of hardware as the authentic ones.

      No matter, the MS2 was not Magpul’s finest hour vis-a-vis product design, quality or execution. The MS3 is a pretty solid piece of kit though.

  3. John Denny says:

    Thanks for the info. Could you please do a follow up, with more comparison pictures, to help identify the fakes? I prefer to buy from known sources, but I’d still like to know a fake.

  4. Jorge Morales says:

    Well, nice to at least see that the counterfeiters saw fit to offer it in OD green something Magpul seems unwilling to do 🙁

  5. SGT Rock says:

    Most of the Magpul stuff at gun shows are counterfeit items.