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Hopefully, You See It Here Last

Yes, it was funny the first time we saw it. Not so funny the second time. And after seeing this, and many other memes over and over they get a little stale. In fact, after awhile, they become downright offensive.

We try not to do it very often, but yes, we’re guilty of mindless zombie posting of internet memes. Sorry. At least with this one, “Hopefully, You See It Here Last.”

10 Responses to “Hopefully, You See It Here Last”

  1. Paul Weaver says:

    See it here last? Hell, no! I’m spreading it around more – and trying to figure if I can mod an Angry Birds Plushie to fit a dummy frag.

  2. It’s the wrong angry bird the black ones explode 😛

  3. Mobious says:

    Just a dash of humor in blowing people apart ~

  4. Mike says:

    I have seen that image a couple of times and every time I see it, I get angered. If that grenade doesn’t go off, what do you think is going to happen when some little kid finds it and picks it up? The cover, while inventive, is not a laughing matter and is most certainly not awesome.

  5. mike says:

    Someone think of the kids!

    Any kid who is going to find this “just laying around” after it didn’t go off is going to likely know EXACTLY what it is and either report it to the authorities or give it directly to someone who will try fixing it and throwing it at our guys. Angry birds cover or not.

  6. ParatrooperJJ says:

    Are there any ones that look like piglets?

  7. Funny comics and memes…

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  8. Joe says:

    Oh Jesus; This was used By someone who was actually downrange. No ‘Kids’ Found this, it hopefully blew up haji