Costa Fires the FERFRANS Special Operations Assault Rifle

On a recent visit with Falcon Operations Group, Chris Costa fires the FERFRANS Special Operations Assault Rifle (SOAR). The Rate Reduction System really shines in full auto fire as you can see here below.

In a nutshell the heart of the FERFRANS line of weapons is the Delayed Sear Activation System which is a mechanical device that reduces the cyclic rate of full-auto fire of the M16 / M4A1 type rifles from 850-900 rpm to 550-680 rpm. Military Morons has covered FERFRANS in the past. The coverage is about three-quarters of the way down the page.


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13 Responses to “Costa Fires the FERFRANS Special Operations Assault Rifle”

  1. Raul says:

    You can accomplish the same reduction in cyclic rate with a heavier spring and a hydraulic buffer. Because of that, I never quite understood what was so special about Ferfrans. The fact that after quite a number of years Fefrans is still considered at best a novelty is in my mind proof positive that there is nothing so revolutionary about it.

    If I’m wrong, please educate me.

    • fmcf says:

      You have to shoot one to be able to see/feel the difference. It may look like just an m4 with a rate reducer but as one of the few who have one and tested this rifle extensively after going through thousands of rounds, i can definitely say what makes it special is its extreme reliability and controllability. I tried other rifles with about the same specs and shot full auto/ burst with one hand and I can definitely say there is a significant difference. In the hands of a skilled operator, this is a very very effective system and can easily take up the task of a support weapon.

    • VooDoo says:

      Raul, I can honestly tell you sir that the FERFRANS is nothing like running a heavier spring and hydraulic buffer. I would also pose this question. What if, one of those non-milspec items broke how would you replace it? With the Ferfrans system there is nothing to break or replace to achieve the reduced cycle rate of fire. So, from that perspective alone the system if superior in design. Second, if you can make a M4 system fire between 500-680 rpm using a spring and hydraulic buffer with out cycle/feeding issues I would be very surprised. I have tried this before without success. Also, the FERFRANS DSAS or RDS (Delayed Sear Activation System/Rate Reduction Unit) provides additional benefits during rapids semi auto fire or full auto fire. Any other AR system on the planet as of right now will still have muzzle climb and the FERFRANS mitigates this problem. The proof you seek is in the pudding and until you fire the system for yourself you will not understand the true benefits of the system design. If you are ever in CA and would like to experience the difference please contact Falcon Operations Group and I am sure a test fire arrangement could be made which would include a side by side comparison!

  2. Raptor says:

    Another question: Who is actually using any of these weapons operationally?

    I mean aside of course from the dudes playing pretend PSD in their Youtube videos (and getting all butt hurt when people call them on their crap drills).

    Who’s using these things and what is the feedback from the front end? Because as Raul said, if they cant prove a track record, then their weapons are only playthings.

    • fmcf says:

      There are US SWAT Teams using this weapon system and are very happy with its performace

      • Raptor says:

        OK thanks for that.

        So my next question then would be why would a SWAT unit want a weapon thats main selling point is its controllability in full auto fire? I could never imagine utilizing full auto in any given policing situation, even under the most extreme circumstances. Even in most military situations full auto fire is fairly rare (individual weapons I’m talking about, not support weapons of course).

        Its not that I don’t believe you, its just I wonder why they would adopt a weapon system/family that doesn’t seem to be in any particular wide use when there are many other time tested and proven designs/models out there.

        • Ken says:

          Because terrorism… duh!


        • Fmcf says:

          Yes you are correct to say police dont need it for 99.9% of the time but it is always better to have that option. It’s completely useless, until you need it the most. Dont forget it can be fired also on single fire which
          can be shot accurately as well because the recovery time from each shot is faster compared to any other system. The Recoil reduction on the ferfrans is located in the bolt carrier and can be used with a standard buffer and spring. This device not only acts as a recoil device but as a counterweight to the bolt operation also eliminating bolt bounce while firing rapid semi auto.

    • VooDoo says:

      Raptor, I truly appreciate your feed back and positive comments regarding playing PSD on our youtube videos. I suppose my first response would be this, do you seriously think with would put real TTP’s on the internet? The purpose of the videos was to show case the weapons ability and performance for different type of operational requirements. You can fillin the blank on what you think would be best. Additionally, if you have suggestions on drills that are not “crap” we are open minded and welcome the suggestions.

      The FERFRANS system has been deployed in the Philippines since 1998 with excellent success. If you think about that particular AO and the environments that the Special Action Force and other specialized units like the PNP are having to deal with from the jungles, to the streets and water operations then the system has been proven worthy over several years. Domestically, there are SWAT teams who are deploying the system as well as a large city’s Police Chiefs Protection Detail.

      To address the last comment you made and piggy backing off Raul, the system does have a proven track record, the system is not a plaything and I would be more than confident after having testing numerous similar systems and seeing how similar system are run during our training course that the FERFRANS will out perform any other system in full auto. Give you an example, with the 249 SAW it is recommended that you only fire 6-10 round burst, with the new HK16 IAR that was adopted by USMC they have instructed them not to fire more than 6 rounds at a time. Why is this? You can make the argument of controlled burst, dont’ waist ammo, etc… I get that! But, we are speaking about durability, reliability, control, etc.. the performance of the weapon system itself regardless of what you perceive as a proper operational engagement.

      All that being said Raptor, I would like to personally invite you to experience the FERFRANS weapon system first hand. The only thing I would ask of you is to have an open mind when shooting the system. Let us know.

      • Raptor says:

        Voodoo, thanks for the info.

        Re the YT comments, it doesn’t matter and everyones TTPs are different. I probably came off harsher than I meant. I think those of us that do it for a living get very protective of our trade knowledge and tend to think we are the only ones who know what we’re doing. That certainly isn’t the case.

        I would love to get some hands on time with the various systems you have, trust me I’m very open minded, but I’m neither American nor in the States and the Government agencies we work with in the ME have already finished up their new trials anyway. We have minimal influence or visibility over those as the trials were led by the various SF types, which makes sense I suppose, and we have no option but to adopt the same weapons and make them work in our particular roles. Not a biggie, they made a fairly good pick anyway, but if the opportunity exists to take you up on your offer at some point, I certainly will.

        Cheers mate.

  3. Given that it appears to be a free-sliding weight inside the bolt carrier that trips the auto-sear, I worry how well it works when fired at a extreme up or down angle. In other words, does it increase the cyclic rate when pointed down, and fail to trip the auto-sear when pointed up?

  4. Cabron says:

    I’m no high speed low drag ninja, but I have had the opportunity to run the Ferfrans family of weapons. Not only are the semi autos up there with the best AR/M4 platforms, but nothing touches thier full auto weapons. You all think you know, but it takes running one to understand the difference. It is night and day.
    After one mag I was able to fire single, double, triple shots in full auto. The trigger control and total controlabity is phenomonal! Almost zero muzzle climb. Ran thier PDW with one hand. Full auto was really never a option, but now with the Ferfrans SOAR-P, its my only choice.