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Thunder Beast Sniper Data Book

We’ve written several times about the awesomeness that is the their patented Multi-Environment Rewrite System. It’s been used for several applications including the US Marine Corps’ Battalion Infantry Operations Support Kit. Not only is it erasable, but it is also impervious to weather and human blood. Additionally, it remains there until you want it gone. Now, this rewritable technology has been used to develop a Sniper Data Book.

Officially called the Simplified Density Altitude – Sniper Data Book, it is a joint venture between THUNDER BEAST ARMS CORPORATION, GUERILLA TACTICAL, DEMIGOD LLC, and MIR/THULS. And, just like the name implies, data in the book is organized by Density Altitude which, once computed can actually be a constant across multiple environments and can be ascertained via a device such as a Kestrel or by using the density altitude chart in the book. As you learn more about your weapon and various loads/conditions, you can save it to the confirmed section of the data book.

The Sniper Data Book is modular. The standard version supports .308 Winchester (7.62 NATO) but you can add modules for additional cartridges. Already, the two military standard .300 Win Mag loadings, Mk 248 Mod 0 and Mod 1, are available as plug-in modules with more on the way. You can also add other standard THULS modules to the book for further customization. For example, you can use the glow-in-the-dark range card seen above.

It comes with three hard binder rings but these can be changed out for cable rings if desired. This article is only the tip of the iceberg. The learn about all of the aspects of the Simplified Density Altitude – Sniper Data Book, visit

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