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Fight in Low Light…What’s Your Go-To Light?

What is your favorite “fighting light” vs. “utility light”, or do you make a distinction?

Excerpted from BOLO Report:
If you ask most Police Officers when their Department last had firearms training at night, they would answer 2, 3, 5 …. years, or something to that effect. When was the last time you practiced drawing a light and a pistol from a duty belt or concealment holsters, as if carrying off duty at night? If you ask most civilians when the last time they practiced shooting in low light or darkness with a flashlight, most would say never. With a little creativity, you can practice what you will need to be a better low-light/night shooter in a dark room at home and at the range during the day…

…When shooting in low light/darkness, the biggest time factor is getting your light source on the threat and getting the sights aligned to make an effective shot. Fortunately, that is something that everyone can practice in the privacy of their own homes. Of all the light-aided grips, most people will develop a favorite, but do you carry your flashlight in the manner appropriate to that grip at all times, or do you hold the flashlight differently for different tasks? If you answered the latter, as do most, then you need to be proficient at multiple techniques, Sure-Fire, Harries, Chapman, Come-As-You-Are(The super close-quarter, moving, shooting, no time for technique, technique).


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10 Responses to “Fight in Low Light…What’s Your Go-To Light?”

  1. Kyle GreenKyle Green says:

    The Surefire Rogers technique works great but I prefer the gross motor skills of Harries, and FBI. (Pending what side you need your light)

  2. Jasper says:

    Streamlight Strion. FBI. Slows down my string, but I tend to be more accurate. Bonus!

  3. Darryl says:

    Surefire X300 and G2X Tactical for Fighting Light and Fenix LD10 for EDC

  4. Jud says:

    Long Gun – Surefire G2 w/ TNVC LED Conversion
    Pistol – Streamlight TLR-1s
    Handheld – Surefire C3 Centurion w/ Malkoff LED Conversion
    CCW – Nitecore Extreme Infinity

    Harries technique with either of the handheld lights

  5. Matt says:

    X300 with DG switch on Pistol and a Surefire or Inforce light on rifle. I’ve used a G2LED and a Inforce WML for the last 3 years.

    For a handheld, I carry a G2X Tactical and E1B Backup on body and a Inova T4 in the car.

    Harries or FBI with handheld when not using the weaponmounted. I train about half or more of my personal training days at the range at night.

  6. John says:

    I assume you’re talking pistol, not long gun but:

    long gun: surefire scout
    handheld duty belt: Surefire Z2
    Utility (usually in a go-bag): Surefire LX2 (Dual output)
    CCDW: Nitecore Extreme LED

    I use FBI to capitalize on gross motor skill

  7. John says:

    oh, and I still have an 870 so have a SF forend on it.

    haven’t done lowlight training in ages.

  8. Tim Thomas says:

    The old BlackHawk Gladius, is still hard to beat, even with all the original problems in some of their first tail caps…

    After and up-grade to the Led, and enhanced output, the simple options to control the light is unsurpassed… After doing Hundreds, if not thousands of building searches, nothing come close to the over all working capabilities of this light… Ease of Handling, smoothe operation of the switch…

    So far all the techniques mentioned so far are useful for control, or for firing at a target, but less benificial, for the important part of Fighting… Searching for an adversary…

    Learning Fighting Principals, for Low-Light, is more important than the type, size or technique used to hold the tool…