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Crye Precision Releases All Weather Clothing


Crye Precision has just Updated their website with the G3 All Weather Combat Shirt and Pants. These garments offer the same features as the standard G3 clothing such interminable knee and elbow pads but with the addition of venting features on the Combat Shirt. In cold environments it is easy to exert oneself and then suffer cold injuries due to rapid cooling of sweat.


They have also released the G3 All Weather Field Pants.

The All Weather line is constructed from a 4-way stretch woven fabric treated with NanoSTX. All of the products are available in Black, Ranger Green, Khaki 400 and MultiCam. Sizing for tops is standard military (ie MS, MR, ML, etc. from Small – XXXLarge) and for pants is by waist size (28-46) with Short, Regular and Long lengths.

These items are all Berry Compliant.


5 Responses to “Crye Precision Releases All Weather Clothing”

  1. Russell Bendix says:

    Anyone else sick and tired of Crye anouncing the release of garments and then being left waiting for months for the garment to actually hit the market? These All Weather garments were supposed to be released over a year ago. Since this last “Release Info” I have checked with the few retailers willing to take a gamble on Crye products to see when they will be stocking these garments. They have stated the usual, they have no feedback from Crye and they have no idea when they will receive the products. Are Crye just arrogant or completely incompetant?

  2. Russell Bendix says:

    That’s fine if you’re in the U.S. and can buy them direct from Crye (just because it’s on their website doesn’t mean it’s available!). Try buying them from a U.K. distributer. You can’t buy direct from Crye using credit cards that are not domestic U.S. You have to do an International Bank transfer and even then they take weeks to get the product to you. You obviously haven’t had to go through all the drama of purchasing Crye Garments if you live outside the U.S. How about you contact some U.k. distributers and find out for yourself?

    • SSD says:

      I’m an American, so I don’t have to work through those issues. Have you contacted Level Peaks?

  3. Russell Bendix says:

    I’ve been dealing with Level Peaks for a year. They have passed on the Crye distribution to 5 or 6 other U.K. retailers. They are all having the same problem with Crye. In fact they are getting so frustrated with them that I think they will eventually drop them. I was told by one of the retailers, sarcastically, that they expect the All Weather stuff by the end of the year, like everything else from Crye. I have already been waiting for a year for this stuff so I won’t be holding my breath!