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Warrior West – 5.11 Tactical Plate Carrier

The upcoming 5.11 Tactical Plate Carrier was a soft launch at SHOT Show but has been pretty much kept under wraps since then. They’ve refined the design a little but for the most part it’s remained unchanged.


Constructed of LiteLok, it features a die cut pile MOLLE field along (with flat admin pocket behind) with a kangaroo style flap with integrated magazine pouches. The flaps for these mag pouches can be tucked out of the way. It is a center pull quick release with cables over both shoulders. There is also a skeletonized cummerbund. Additionally, there is an integrated drag strap in the rear.


Look for the Plate Carrier to be available is this Fall.

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5 Responses to “Warrior West – 5.11 Tactical Plate Carrier”

  1. maresdesign says:

    This is great as long as customers are OK with supporting Vietnam’s economy.

    • John says:

      Yeah this is what I don’t like about the 5.11 line…every other tactical dealer that is worth their gear…makes it in the USA…and it’s not like 5.11 stuff is inexpensive either…it’s expensive foreign made stuff…

      • Martin says:

        I can’t “like” both your comments. I have learned never to buy anything “tactical” from a company that does their manufacturing in Asia.

  2. Jones says:

    Great, more import sh/t. When are they going to learn?…

  3. Alexander says:

    I don’t think US-made equals better quality, but I definitely feel proud with it. Especially knowing the manufacturers aren’t abused.

    Any idea if these will be offered in all sizes or just the regular quadruple extra large?