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ADS Tek Solutions Dry Wall KitADS Tactical

The military doesn’t just destroy. They also build and ADS Tek Solutions is hard at work developing MRO solutions. One example is this new Dry Wall Kit.

The kit contains every tool needed for drywall work in a deployed combat environment. Originally designed and built for US Navy Seabees, the TEK Solutions Drywall Kit is now available for any customer with a combat environment drywall construction need. It comes complete with a Mil-Spec Pelican expeditionary case and DeWalt heavy duty power tools and hand tools.

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5 Responses to “ADS Tek Solutions Dry Wall KitADS Tactical

  1. JC says:

    Combat environment drywall construction need. Seriously? I know it’s a bitch taping and filling under fire so can I get that driver in multicam?

  2. lm says:

    15 out of the last 25 SSD posts have been directly or indirectly to do with ADS. (But really glad to know they have T-squares, a knife and a hammer put together in a kit for tactical drywalling).

  3. Alex says:

    I think this is more for what you are doing when bullets are not flying and not drywalling while underfire.

    Just because the homes where we are currently fighting primarely do not have drywalls, does not mean that where we might go will.

    After conducting a raid of someones home having the combat engineers come back and fix the drywall would go a looong way with hearts and minds.

    This would also be useful for a disaster response operation.

    Didn’t SDD just have an entire post about negativity and professionalism?

  4. JC says:

    Did the lack of a smiley confuse you Alex?

    Here we go … 🙂 … All better

  5. threeseven says:

    I laughed at ‘combat environment drywall construction need’, but it is a neat kit. I kind of want one for my decidedly non-combat environment drywall construction need. I’m scared to even contemplate what it costs.

    I like how clean and shiny everything is, that would last about 8 seconds on a civilian jobsite, let alone in a deployed environment.