Lowa Zephyr Mk2 GTX

Redback 1 Target

Redback One released a photo of their new RB1 Combat Training Target, the ‘RB1 Skeleton.’ The concept came from Redback One and they enlisted the design genius of Steve Web St-Louis of Webtechgear to give it that perfect look.

It will be available for purchase in their Pro Shop soon.


10 Responses to “Redback 1 Target”

  1. greyghost says:

    Reminds me of Viking Tactics Target…Nice!

  2. jack says:

    Curious about the reason for areas 3&4. Hostage drills?

    • Dan says:

      I was wondering about 3&4 too. Came to the same conclusion

    • peter says:

      No. Its for training ICE and CBP to put a couple of rounds into the bundles of marijuana being brought over the border. si no corre, disparo (if you dont run, i’ll shoot)

  3. JohnnyO says:

    Unless designed primarily as a ‘Dot Drill’ some of those locations are mind boggling. Who shoots for the wrist joint? Or decides to put one in the shoulder? Are we supposed to feel good about winging someone in the elbow?

  4. J Falla says:

    Thanks SS. This is a multi-drill, multi-use target that can be used to zero your weapon and train on critical aspects of combat shooting. You can train on hold overs at close range using small dots, engage high and low percentage zones, multiple incapacitation zones including face, upper thorax and pelvic girdle. There is no target zone on the face as we want students to see the features and shoot to the middle third with the intent on striking the CNS at the base of scull. Training for classic hostage situations can be performed on dot 3/4 . We are finalizing our shooting standards to be used in conjunction with this target. Targets should be available soon. Others will follow! – Jason Falla

  5. jack says:

    That clarifies everything.

  6. JC says:

    It’s a shame that Steve’s design genius didn’t extend much further than editing an .eps file of a skeleton downloaded from shutterstock. The somewhat unorthodox depiction of the “thumbs turned in” makes it quite recognisable.