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Blast From The Past – SOD Boonie

This was one of the first articles we published; June 2008. SOD still makes a great boonie but they’ve really expanded their color selection.

This is the first in a series of articles on the SOD line of products. I recently received a full set of SOD’s clothing. I have already made mention of the attention to detail that the crew at SOD pays to their designs. For their boonie, they started with Crye’s already fantastic design and improved it even further.
SOD Boonie Hat
The design features a wide brim with multiple stitching reinforcements. It is a little wider than the Crye hat but not was stiff as the Crye. The pile tape and, nylon webbing camo band, and barrel lock are all treated with the Multicam pattern.
SOD Boonie Rear
The sweatband is terry cloth as used in the Australian boonie hat.
SOD Boonie Hat Interior
Additionally, where the Crye boonie has only one slash vent backed with mesh netting, the SOD features two.
SOD Boonie Side View

SOD is currently in negotiations with a US distributor. In the interim, you can see SOD’s website here.


One Response to “Blast From The Past – SOD Boonie”

  1. Ville Partanen, Finland says:

    I’ve got S.O.D. Specre Shirt 1.2 and Operative Field Parka in HCS (Hybrid Coyote Sage). I cannot suggest an improvement a single feature in the design, material or detail in either of them. They’re just ‘Primus inter pares’ to me.