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MagPod Update

BOLO Report spoke with the designer of MagPod yesterday and wrote a quick update. BOLO also advises Soldier Systems Daily that a prototype of the Magpod is actually in the hands of some European NATO military personnel right now for testing.

Perhaps it has something to do with its appearance in the April issue of VISIER.

Read the update on BOLO Report.



8 Responses to “MagPod Update”

  1. Lew says:

    Does this mean the Magpod fits G36mags or is it being tested by more secret squrrel-types?

    • SSD says:

      It’s only ever been built for PMAGs. The Vizier article is covering SHOT Show.

  2. Juan Bravo says:

    Or you can just use the MagBoot from ITW MP, which fits over any 5.56 mags not just Pmag. And it provides a solid base-plate for unique firing situations, in addition to texturing for wet/gloved grip, noise discipline, IRR signal reduction, and ability to write/Identify mags, all for $8. How much will Magpod retail for?

  3. 1UPDesignLab says:

    the MagPod is a different concept than the MagBoot – just try to visualize the geometry when in a prone firing position, there is much more contact surface than just having the back edge of the magazine resting on the ground, and it allows weight to be shifted toward the front

  4. Terry says:

    I don’t get it – We were always taught not to use a magazine as a rest as it can cause feed issues and to prop the weapon on a sandbag or use our elbow as the fulcrum.

    If you really need a bipod, why not use a bipod? Even something hokey like a Grip Pod will work better than the MagPod, and give a more stable firing base.

    • SSD says:

      They taught us a lot of things that weren’t true. You can rest your weapon on a magazine. I’ve done it. Thousands of people have done it.

      Bipods are heavy.

  5. Ryan says:

    I pretty much always rest my rifle on the magazine and the only place it will give you issues is in a simulator because it was programmed that it causes a stoppage.

  6. XCoastie says:

    Let me first say ……. As one of the beta testers for the MagPod, I was honored that Shane valued my opinion and trusted me enough to beta test this product.

    During my testing of the MagPod I ran about 1K rounds thru two different weapon systems a BCM 14.5″ mid-length upper on a Noveske lower and a complete LaRue Stealth with an 18″ barrel. I ran it prone, sitting (bench) and over the hood …of a vehicle (to simulate LEO concealment during an active shoot call out). I would have liked to try it in the mountains to simulate conditions like the ones in Afghanistan or any other mountainous terrane that our soldiers would go but that was not possible in the time frame I had to test the product.

    During my testing the product I ran M855, M193, M196 (Tracer Round), MK 262 and for the hell of it Wolf surplus ammo. During the testing and evaluation of the MagPod I had one failure (it was a light primer strike) which was not related to the magazine or MagPod.

    In conclusion I feel the MagPod does exactly what its designed to do and performs that function very well. It will be a valuable piece of kit. I am looking forward to picking up a couple 3 packs when they become available.