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Military Traveler

Military Traveler is an app for iPhone and Android. It provides maps and phone/email directory for over 200 military bases in the US. Plus, it’s free.


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15 Responses to “Military Traveler”

  1. PLiner says:

    Is it just me or does this sound like a potential OPSEC violation?

  2. mike says:

    It’s just you.

    • PLiner says:

      Well then, perhaps you should try thinking like a terrorist and how it could be used for nefarious reasons.

  3. deedub says:

    Maps for bases are not always posted online for OPSEC reasons, so I’m surprised that maps for all bases would be available as an app. I will download and check it out.

  4. Thayes says:

    I just dropped this thing in the lap of the DOD via their website. I agree OPSEC with this App is a very dangerous issue. I downloaded the App and it has the availability of pics being uploaded of buildings. Good idea but, poorly thought out for security issues!!!! I will forward to PAOs from several USMC bases. I can see this thing being pulled in a New York Minute; as anyone even BAD GUYS can download it!!!

    • SSD says:

      I wonder how they will ‘pull’ it.

      • THayes says:

        The App is marketed through a corporation, JAG can request a cease and desist order through a judge, with the intent that this App is in violation of national security issues. They can also allow Homeland defense to simply lean on the company!

        • SSD says:

          Yeah, that’s what we want. DHS leaning on citizens. I’d be very surprised to see this app pulled except by the company that made it. Veteran owned by the way.

    • MilTraveler says:

      Hi everyone, I’m the creator of this app and am happy to respond to questions about the information available through the app and who is partnering with us to provide this resource for military families.

      We appreciate your concerns about OPSEC, this was a consideration from the first day and remains a top priority. The app offers only the type of information that is openly published on PAO, MWR, and MCCS websites. As far as possible we check the information for accuracy and then add it to our directory. The bases do a great job of pushing out their own info, but due to limitations with funding and staffing they don’t always have this type of resource available.

      Military Traveler is a free app (instead of paying $20 for a paper directory) that has more information, a more user-friendly and intuitive interface, and is standard across all services and all bases. It’s ready for download on either iPhone or Android. PAOs and MWR directors can have access to maintain the directories for their own bases 24/7 (in fact we already have 12 that have started working with us to make even better directories for their service members!). All photos are reviewed before being posted (try submitting one yourself) and we work with any PAO with a reasonable request to remove certain information.

      If any of the PAOs or MCCS directors you contact would like to offer the same resource for their base please have them contact us at [email protected].

  5. Keld says:

    So they should issue a case and desist for all the publishers of the military travelling book / military lodging books that are available on Amazon.com as well?
    I dont see this happening.

    It isn’t OPSEC related at all, when there are signs posted on roads directing you to a place, it’s public knowledge already. Get over it.

    • SSD says:

      I downloaded the app. It’s got the most basic of info pulled from base websites. And it’s all family and support services stuff.