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Costa Showing Students How It’s Done

It’s good to see an instructor get out there and set the standard. Here he is demonstrating a drill for his Reliance Arms ID Class. Way to go Costa! Not too sure on the location of the photographer.



6 Responses to “Costa Showing Students How It’s Done”

  1. SWS says:

    Nice swift run-and-gunning, but, not a very attentive combat/tactical action. Most likey leads to negative outcome for the shooter. Costa is always out there setting standards for classes though.

  2. ERT says:

    How about throwing on a plate carrier and belt and holster and mags and radios and helmets and goggles and ear pro etc etc etc….easy to be fast in a t-shirt and jeans

  3. SWAT says:

    All I see is a lot of running around and trigger slapping for a video.

    Let’s see the targets so we can see if he hit anything.

    Without that, it’s flash with zero substance.

  4. JC says:

    No mag changes necessary when you use a huuuuge surefire mag.

  5. jb says:

    great if you come under fire from static paper targets

  6. FLC says:

    Its a Drill! Think how much your lungs will be pounding if you are not in great shape.
    Excellent training, use it for what it is.