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Deceptex – 225 Patterns and Counting

Deceptex, Hyperstealth’s bold new direction in commercial camouflage production now has revealed its 225th camouflage pattern. The naming convention for the original sets of patterns was based on the NATO phonetic alphabet. This newest bunch has adopted the World War 2-era alphabet. With thousands upon thousands of potential patterns in Hyperstealth’s vault it will be interesting to see what else they release and how they name it.



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6 Responses to “Deceptex – 225 Patterns and Counting”

  1. Matsucorp says:

    Thats nice.. now get to work on some “Avatar” camo…heh


  2. Black6ID says:

    I know a lady that has over a hundred cats too.

  3. hitower says:

    it’s a cool idea but in reality that digital printing really doesn’t hold up all that well… unless they’ve figured out some super inks or something.

    • Guy Cramer says:

      Digitial printing has eveolved rapidly in the past few years, it’s not just inks but the textile we print to, each different type of ink reacts differently with each textile in the bonding, saturation, longevity, colorfastness. lightfastness… As we print to Milspec materials we have had to work with the ink manufacturers to come up with new formulas for higher quality inks and they’ve done this for us. In turn we have narrowed down textiles which can retain as much of the original print quality and color over time with these inks.

  4. Joe says:

    I guess all I need to ask now is one question…..how much is it gonna cost me?