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SOFIC – DSArms RPD Carbine


DSArms showed us their RPD carbine. Most parts are manufactured in the US with the exception of a few that originate in Poland. They’ve added a new buffer system that lowers the firing rate to 500-525 rpm and actually makes it easier to cock. Additionally, they’ve integrated a new fore end that features mil std 1913 rails (also compatible with existing RPDs). As you can see, there’s also an M4 carbine-style stock and MAG-style grip. The charging handle is non-reciprocating and has a folding handle. In spite of all of the changes (and more), they’ve dropped the weight to 13.5 lbs (about 2.5 lbs). This model is 7.62 x 39mm but look for info on more calibers soon (both NFA and semi).



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