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SOFIC – ReadyOne

ReadyOne manufactures USSOCOM’s Protective Combat Uniform including the Level 9 combat ensemble.







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9 Responses to “SOFIC – ReadyOne”

  1. Logan F. Crooks says:

    I thought Beyond Clothing made the SOCOM PCU including the PCU Level 9?

    • SSD says:

      They support the alternate sizing program. Patagonia developed the garments in PCU and ReadyOne manufactures them.

      • Logan F. Crooks says:

        Thanks. So Beyond only does the really specific Custom Sizing Orders?

  2. matt says:

    Orc Industries was also one of the earlier ones.

  3. hugh says:

    Thanks for posting about the PCU.

    Is the PCU still made in alpha green?
    Patagonia used to sell on their site MARS PCU type items but they’ve all disappeared…

    • SSD says:

      It is no longer manufactured in Alpha Green. Now, it is offered in MultiCam and AOR1/2. All three color ways have been featured here in this article.

      Patagonia stopped making MARS years ago. Initially, it was based on commercial items and those items have long since been abandoned or modified by Patagonia. Some commercial items are available in Alpha Green which proved to be a popular color commercially. https://soldiersystems.net/2010/01/24/patagonia-to-offer-alpha-green/

      • Logan F. Crooks says:

        That sucks on the no Alpha Green, you would think it would blend in with the snow better than Multi-Cam and AOR2/1. Are they still using White-Helmet Covers, White Pack Covers and Overwhites? What about the White Mickey Boots?

  4. hugh says:

    Thanks for answering my question.
    I first learned of Patagonia MARS through SSD and I grabbed some of those excellent MARS items on web specials.

    Thanks again .