B5 Systems – SOPMOD now on Facebook (upgrades coming)

Soldier Systems Daily has covered B5 Systems since the beginning; there some new developments coming, including the lighter Bravo version and some ‘upgrades’ in construction (hopefully to be seen in use by mid-Summer).

The 160th SOAR have used them, some of the numbered Groups have used them, and line infantry units are starting to pick them up. The Enhanced SOPMOD by B5 Systems has been seen in several interesting places overseas and by all accounts the troops using them really like them. The civilian version now has a little brother coming out, with some new features (a new latch, a quick detach anti-rotational sling swivel) and a textured surface.

From the new Facebook page; SOPMOD in a recent Disruptive Environment exercise in NYC. Photography by Jon Chang/Haley Strategic

B5 Systems is live now on Facebook, featuring some really nice photography of the SOPMOD in use (along with many other well-regarded products). The stocks are coming in MultiCam, A-TACs, FDE, black and others (all with color-matched hardware). Most of the new stocks will be coming with the anti-rotational QD, based on feedback from end users and training personnel, but they’ve already heard from some organizations that prefer them with a standard QD so both will probably remain in production.

Check out B5 Systems new Facebook page:

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