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TacJobs – Veteran Central

Are you a Veteran and looking for somewhere to network and maybe find a job? While researching Veteran suicide with his brother-in-law Paul McDonald, Veteran Central founder Jonathon Lunardi learned how challenging it can be for service members to return to civilian life and earn a living. Together, they created Veteran Central, a job resource and development network exclusively for Veterans.

They work with Navy Veteran Michael Barrett who serves as the site’s Director of Sales to provide information on job seeking as well as resources for psychological support.

They’ve also created a job listing board where vacancies are peer-reviewed and made available to Veterans. Don’t worry. One of the things they take into consideration is the job level. The site has a decidedly blue collar feel many will be comfortable with and the jobs are the kinds of things you can step into. You don’t need a college degree or years of experience in some arcane subject to get hired here. These are the types of things you pick up in the service and Veteran Central wants you to get a job.

Check it out. It might be just the thing you’ve been looking for.



2 Responses to “TacJobs – Veteran Central”

  1. Lucky says:

    That site is fucked up! In creating a profile, it isn’t allwing me to put my branch of service, MOS, or pay grade!

    • Lucky:
      Sorry to hear you are having a problem with the site. We are a start up and are still working out some bugs. We are working on solving this problem right now. We are truly honored to be mentioned on Soldier Systems. If you or anybody else has any problems please email me directly at [email protected]. If you have any jobs to post you can also email me at [email protected] and I will post them for you. Thank you for going on to our website