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BAA for Advancement of Technologies in Equipment for Use by SOF

If you’ve got a great concept or technology that you think will help USSOCOM conducts its core activities more effectively, you might want to consider answering their recently released Broad Agency Announcement. Step 1 is as simple as a white paper. We’ll cover a few of the highlights but make sure you read the full BAA to get an idea of what they are looking for and how to submit. The BAA will only remain open until July 13, 2012.

At the most generic level, they are looking for improvements in:
-Energy and Power Systems
-Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems
-Scalable Effects Weapons
-Mobility Platforms
-Improved Moving Target Lethality
-Comprehensive Signature Management
-Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
-SOF Small Unit Dominance – Many of you will fit in here and it’s pretty broad
-Night Vision/Electro-Optics – I like that they are interested in MultiSpectral and Out-of-Band technologies

Red the entire BAA at www.fbo.gov.


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