243K Mini SATCOM Antenna from BHI

The BHI Mini-SATCOM Antenna Kit is a very versatile mini UHF SATCOM antenna system. It’s compact, lightweight, offered with several deployment options like the pistol grip mode shown below. Essentially, you fold the elements which are shock corded to the antenna and store the antenna. When needed, it can be pulled out and intuitively pointed toward the bird to make the shot. It’s been done for years with other antennas including umbrella styles (showing my age here), but no one put a pistol grip on them to make it easier. The grip is a hollow design and stores an adjustment wrench.

Weighing only 1.1 pounds, the dual quad radials collapse and fold alongside the collapsible boom to fit into a water-resistant MOLLE-compliant carrying pouch. The antenna is treated to a dull black anodized finish to reduce glare and protect the metal against weatherization. The kit includes the 243 antenna, tripod, pistol grip, magnetic mount and ground spike, MOLLE-compliant carrying case and a waterproof mini hard case to secure all components.

Key Features – Benefits
• Ultra light weight
• Compact for individual troop carry
• Rapid deployment
• Four deployment options
• Easy-carry MOLLE-compliant pouch
• Dull, black anodized finish

BHI has also incorporated a couple of other features. For example, there’s a one-step elevation adjustment via friction joint (no locking knob or lever required). Additionally, they’ve addressed common issues that arrive during operations in the field. The connector is slightly recessed to protect from damaging drops or unintentional misuse. The extension mechanism is designed to prevent possible jamming due to sand or dust contamination and the interface mount mechanism keyed to prevent improper connection. Finally, additional mounting options include a stainless steel spike providing sturdy, durable staking in all soil conditions and a rare earth magnetic mount.


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