Mission Spec Two Point Sling

Mission Spec’s M2P sling is a 2-point design that can be used in three ways, Under Strong Shoulder Carry (shown below), Over Strong Shoulder Reverse Carry, and Over Strong Shoulder Carry. It can be configured with a variety of weapon attachments to accommodate different tastes and equipment.

Berry compliant, the M2P is available in Black with Coyote coming soon.


3 Responses to “Mission Spec Two Point Sling”

  1. Jones says:

    Unless you are using a computer controlled sewing machine I would suggest using the same colored thread as the webbing you are sewing.

    • G Koenig says:

      Even if you are using a pattern tacker, it takes a competent operator about 30 seconds to swap out the bobbin and switch to a different thread cone.

      Instead of hiring Voice Over Guy, Mission Spec should have put a bit more attention to detail into the product. It looks almost home-made…

  2. Toby says:

    that’s a lot of slack when cinched…
    one of the main reasons for stowing your weapon is to use two hands to accomplish an activity (perhaps in confined space) and all that slack will increase the snag factor massively…