Garmont Introduces the T8 NFS and T8 Extreme

In use from the ski slopes to the rugged mountains of Northern Italy to the battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq, Garmont has been manufacturing and designing quality footwear since the 1800’s. When the call came to Garmont North America from US combat Soldiers and Veterans to design combat footwear based on their rugged approach and terrain platforms, Garmont raised its hands and said “Yes!”

The “T” series development of Garmont Tactical footwear began over 8 years ago using direct input and feedback from all branches of the US Armed Forces but in particular from the Special Operations community. Garmont T series boots have been in service and in combat zones all over the world. The number one complaint Garmont receives these days is “When will you have my size back in stock?” As demand has grown, Garmont has not physically been able to keep up with the demand but has heard the call from soldiers around the globe.

The NEW T8 NFS (Need for Speed) and the T8 Extreme 200 gm thinsulate combat Terrain boot are slated for delivery in the USA around October. The current in-line T8 Combat boot is in stock in both Coyote and Tan in select sizes. In October Garmont will have nearly 100,000 pairs of the T8 Series arriving for delivery and are hoping to ramp up production even higher towards the last quarter to try to meet the growing demand. Garmont is committed to designing and fully testing each product thoroughly on the battle field before their release. For example, currently there are over 144 pairs of the T8 NFS and T8 Extreme’s in final testing stages in various theaters around the globe.

Garmont told SSD that they are very pleased and thankful for the thousands of warfighters who have taken the time out to provide feedback, comments and to thank them for putting out an excellent product. To check out the entire line of Garmont Ski, Hike, and Tactical products feel free To visit


7 Responses to “Garmont Introduces the T8 NFS and T8 Extreme”

  1. Tan says:

    Look awesome
    send me a pairs
    i will test it out for you

  2. straps says:

    Anyone else notice that (nice, new) paint on that (freshly taped) jump ramp demarcating ownership of the the area inside/outside the airframe?

    Not sure about the boots, but that little reminder is AWESOME.

  3. Aaron says:

    I HATED my T8s…but everyone’s foot is different. They needed more cushion, these look sexy though.

  4. Haji says:

    I’ll be happy if they can finally bring in enough boots so that we’re not out of ’em four months at a time. Solve the distribution problem before doing anything else; shipments every six months isn’t gettin’ it done.

  5. J3str says:

    too bad that on the website all the soldiers pictured are wearing altamas!!

  6. Chuck says:

    LOVE my T8’s. They have held up better than anything else I’ve worn. I do agree about the cushioning though as mentioned, but that was easily remedied for me.

  7. Andy T says:

    I absolutely love my T8’s, it took some time for me to get over how snug they fitted, but now that I have them broken in, they are my most highly recommended pair of boots. I love the sole on them, that thing won’t wear out anytime soon.