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Sneak Peek – Platatac Chicom

Two photos of Platatac’s upcoming mesh chest rig, referred to as a ‘Chicom.’





23 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Platatac Chicom”

  1. krom says:

    ChiCom?? Good gawd, terrible name

  2. Concerned says:

    I wonder who they copied that one off??

    • BM says:

      Not a copy buddy. Can you Find the exact same thing on the market? Or are you just slinging shit for the sake of it?

      By the way Is the mayflower a copy of the tt vest or is the tt vest a copy of the SOE rig or is the SOE or are they all based on Rhodesian or chicom ak rigs from decades ago. All the same concept. It’s not rocket science.

  3. Daggertx says:

    as in Chinese Communist

  4. Zach says:

    looks almost exactly like tactical tailors rig for the iotv.

  5. iraq ninja says:

    Also a good copy of the Mayflower chest rig, with the mesh being the only obvious improvement.

  6. Jack says:

    Mesh is a massive improvement over cordura. May buy one, depending on cost and hydro carrier compatability.

  7. PJNII says:

    When will it be available?

  8. nocred says:

    Seriously how can Platatac have any credibility in the market place? They are a Global joke.. copying gear, taking off tags and replacing them with their own, winning tenders because the product was meant to be made in Australia but it isn’t… its only a matter of time before this company is investigated and shut down.

    • BM says:

      No cred you have not got your information correct.

      “winning tenders because the product was meant to be made in Australia but it isn’t”

      If you are referring to the AMCP Tender, you are wrong, that tender has not even been finalised yet.

  9. donkeyslapper says:

    i think Chicom is a gag name,Chisel Compatable

    • Riceball says:

      Or maybe because it sort of resembles the SKS clip holding chest rigs used by the Chinese and the Vietnamese during the 60s.

  10. Halitosis says:

    Wait till you see the new jackets they are bringing out…