Gore Defense

He Can Certainly Make an Entrance

As we gathered together on the range for the first day of Haley Strategic Partners’ Disruptive Industries we heard a steady thrumming drone. We looked up in the sky and saw that we were descended upon by two powered paragliders circling overhead. One was piloted by our host, Travis Haley.


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8 Responses to “He Can Certainly Make an Entrance”

  1. Cav Scout says:

    After landing: “You’ve probably been wondering why I’ve gathered you all here today…”

  2. SWS says:

    Landing down range, on the firing line. Uh.. not.. to.. smart.. not what you should be ‘teaching’ ? Just my thoughts

  3. Eric says:

    At least he’s not the one with the Prius.

  4. Bradkaf308 says:

    Squirrels are green.

  5. I thought Travis was strafing my new PRIUS!