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Haley Strategic Partners – Disruptive Industries Day One

Since I’m one of the most disruptive guys around, the folks at Haley Strategic Partners asked me to attend Disruptive Industries, an invite only experience where members of the tactical industry and representatives from military, government, law enforcement, and contractors get the opportunity to interact through a series of learning and social events. So far, I have only experienced day 1 but it has been great. They divided the 40 of us attending the event evenly into Mil/LE and Industry groups. Over the four days, both groups will experience the same tracks, which remind me of a smorgasbord of training samplers. However, both groups will not experience them at the same time due to range size restrictions. However, this means the instructors can tailor the training to the experience level of the group on the fly, adding or subtracting drills and instruction to keep pace with the participants. For the industry participants, they get to experience a few days of life as an operator. Those on the job get to not only interact with industry, seeing behind the curtain on a few new technologies, but they also get a taste of what HSP has to offer.

Our group started the morning with Ron Avery of the Practical Shooting Academy who provided pistol instruction, applying his knowledge of the “why” we shoot the way we do and made each of us look at our pistol handling skills in a whole new light. Check out his video on pistol handling skills for a very small taste.

After an excellent catered lunch, we finished up pistol instruction and transitioned to carbine manipulation with Travis Haley. If you’re impression of Travis is based solely on the original Magpul Dynamics videos I can tell you that he has grown as an instructor, striving to improve his craft. The instruction and drills were great and challenged all. He is a true student of the gun.

ITS Tactical is also on hand so make sure you visit their site for additional photos. As ITS was paired with the industry group and SSD with the Mil/LE crew, we are both able to offer a slightly different point of view. Look for the simultaneous release of an AAR from both of us soon. Until then, enjoy our serialized look at HSP’s Disruptive Industries.

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5 Responses to “Haley Strategic Partners – Disruptive Industries Day One”

  1. Seifer says:

    Banned SERPA on 5-th and 8-th photo, not “banned” on 6-th ))))

    • SSD says:

      The are a LOT of Serpas at this event and on people who supposedly dont use them.

  2. FormerSFMedic says:

    Damn, I wish I was at this event. The Avery and Haley team up has got to be one of the best things to happen to training in a long time. Both guys are at the top of the instructor “food chain”.

  3. CJ says:

    I am filled with jealousy.

  4. J to the O says:

    Did HSP ever come out and say that Serpas were banned?