AKARS Now Available from BHI

For those of us used to the ample amount of mounting space afforded by the Picatinny rails on our M4 carbines, the AK family of small arms can come off as a bit of a disappointment. What’s more, the short sight radius of the Kalishnikov leaves many of us questioning the utility of the weapon at longer ranges. Various mounting adaptions to the AK have come along, including the Russian scope mount solution but now something new is available that addresses both issues I’ve raised.


The new AKARS (AK Adaptive Rail System), designed and manufactured by Parabellum Armament is now available through Blackheart International. AKARS is a four-point mounting platform consisting of a replacement receiver cover and an integrated rail adapter combined with a one-piece 1913 Picatinny rail/rear sight assembly and attaching hardware.


The AKARS Picatinny rail assembly replaces the OEM rear sight leaf, installing directly onto the rear sight mounting location (mounting point ONE). This gives the AKARS a positive mounting point that eliminates the slop found in many optic mounts that install only onto the receiver cover. That thing moves all over the place. Additionally, the rail assembly includes a built-in Back Up Iron Sight.


The hinged design of the rail mount allows the AKARS/sight assembly to lift up and out of the way for easy access to the interior of the AK receiver. This permits operators to perform routine cleaning, maintenance and address firing/feed malfunctions without removing the optic or losing the rifle’s zero.


The AKARS receiver cover/adapter assembly installs onto the Picatinny rail assembly via two precision locating pins (mounting point TWO) with no tools needed. Once the receiver cover assembly is installed onto the rail assembly, the receiver cover is secured to the receiver via the AK’s standard rear sight base (mounting point THREE) and driving spring (mounting point FOUR).

The AKARS is available now through

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12 Responses to “AKARS Now Available from BHI”

  1. Min says:

    Looks like this will alleviate the previous iterations of the dust cover rail system. Had a buddy with one and he cursed it constantly for rattling out of zero. The way this system works I’m certain it will be worth the money.

  2. Strike-Hold! says:

    I’ve seen other systems that have some similarities – is the BHI receiver cover manufactured to closer tolerances than a standard AK receiver cover? The looseness of the cover – as you pointed out – is usually the Achilles Heel of these types of things.

  3. Mr. X says:

    I’ve tried this rail system. It is a piece of junk because it is relying on a modified dust cover. The Texas Weapons System rail is cleaner, and less complicated and a whole level above and maintains pefect zero.

    • SBD says:

      Piece of junk? Wow, that’s harsh as our guys have put these to the REAL test and use them with complete confidence. Don’t know if you are shilling for another product, but your assessment is way off the mark. The AKARS system is one of the best accessories I have ever added to any weapon system, period, and is a game changer for an AK. Interestingly, we found this top cover to be one of the best aspects as it is interchangeable with all the many variants of AK’s we have worked with.
      Can’t say the same about any other product.

    • SSD says:

      Curious how you’ve tried it since these are the first ones available?

      • Quigley says:

        @ SSD and SBD: I am anxiously awaiting “Mr. X’s” response LOL. Probably an Airsofter or armchair commando.

        • SBD says:

          Or someone from a competitive company who wants to crap on someone else’s product even though it is far superior – oh the games that are played on blog sites. However the professionals see through all this. We tried the aforementioned product that he touts – didn’t work on different variants – it is bulky and you need different models to fit different AK builds. This AKARS is the real deal – very impressed with the thought that went into it and the quality.

          • Avid AK guy says:

            The TWS rail is a very well thought out and designed piece of gear. If your only complaint is that you need different models to fit different AKs then it sounds to me like you are trying pretty hard to find something wrong with it, as it works very well for the models it is designed for. Sure its not universal but if you have an AK variant that its designed for it does work.

            As for being bulky – its not. Having not tried this new AKARS rail I can’t say that the TWS rail is more/ less bulky, but the TWS rail does not interfere in any way with the handling or performance of the rifle because of bulk.

            Sounds to me like you are repping your own brand the same way you try to knock the other guy for doing so…There is something to be said for “different strokes for different folks”, but you just come off as a jerk by calling Mr. X an Airsofter or armchair commando. Just sayin’…

          • SBD says:

            Avid AK Guy:
            Please do not put words in my mouth.

            The fact is I don’t have time for modifications (as required by the TWS) nor do I have available space to take different sizes of a rail with me. I don’t know what variant weapons I will have access to. And to me, the TWS rail is bulky as it consists of more parts. You can have your own opinion.

            The TWS is fine for the casual shooter at the range, but I can’t rely on it – plain and simple. Not knocking anything, just stating the facts as they are relevant to me.

            Also, I never said anything about Mr. X being an airsofter or armchair commando, so stick the “jerk” comment in your ear, pal.

            Another fact is Mr. X has crapped on the AKARS rail on other blog sites – Seems to me that he has an ax to grind rather than making factual comments. I know the facts about this rail and that’s why I use it. I’m sure BHI would welcome a visit by Mr. X to do a side by side comparison which could be videotaped and posted online. Ask Vorobiev which rail he prefers and then challenge his expertise.


        • SBD says:

          Besides, I don’t believe BHI would carry it if it wasn’t a solid piece of gear. They don’t mess around.