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Marker Panel, Individual, LW (MK 1) Available Now from Battle Systems LLC

The first time I saw the Marker Panel, Individual, LW (as in lightweight) from Battle Systems, LLC I said to myself, “Self, why hasn’t anyone done this before?” I already knew that Battle Systems offers some bad ass tape in the form of Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown so their dedication to quality is for me, without question. The MPIL is a great alternative to carrying a full-size VS-17 panel. Most folks just don’t need the whole thing and cut them down to size for individual use. Even then, the material doesn’t pack down well. The Marker Panel, Individual, LW on the other hand does.

It is so compact, it literally fits the palm of your hand and folds out to 16″ x 16″ with orange and pink sides just like a full-size VS-17. There are 550 loops in each corner to facilitate mounting the MPIL to gear or for use in conjunction with others for DZ and LZ marking. It can also be used to mark vehicles. Battle Systems uses the National Molding Large Poli Bina Clips to attach the MPIL to equipment. Finally, each side of the MPIL has a color matched Velcro loop patch to accept a removable 2″ x 2″ IR reflective square patch.

As you can see from this photo, the MPIL REALLY reflects light and we had to tone down the photo a little so you could look at it.

The currently available MPIL Mk I’s are assembled in the USA from a combination of US and foreign materials but that was just s stopgap to get these rolling. They don’t have enough on hand to even remotely approach the Berry threshold. The Mk II will be available very soon, manufactured entirely of US materials.


Note – The IR Squares are ITAR controlled and Battle Systems will ONLY ship within the USA.


2 Responses to “Marker Panel, Individual, LW (MK 1) Available Now from Battle Systems LLC”

  1. chris says:

    ohh…bright. I want one of those for hiking.

  2. chris says:

    Nice. Mine just came in the mail. I can’t help but stare at it, it’s so bright. this is going in the hiking back and will move into the bike bag as well.