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RE Factor Tactical Combat Reference Guides

In the past, we’ve written about RE Factor Tactical’s 9 Line MEDEVAC stickers. Now, they’ve added several new guides including –

9 Line UXO Report


Call For Fire Format

Close Air Support Format

Each Combat Reference Guide is essentially a sticker that is specifically cut to fit on the back of a PRC-148 Radio or the buttstock of a rifle allowing the shooter to keep their weapon at hand even when calling air strikes, MEDEVACs, UXO reports or close air support. They use a tough marine-grade material for the decals to help withstand battlefield elements and ensure longevity.



One Response to “RE Factor Tactical Combat Reference Guides”

  1. Eric says:

    I only see one problem with this product. If my weapon happens to fall into the hands of the enemy, secrets might be leaked.