BAE Systems Wins $7 Million Order for Advanced Emergency Bailout Parachutes

BAE Systems has received a $7 million order from the US Army to produce and deliver parachute systems for use by Army Jumpmasters during airborne operations.

Based on BAE Systems’ FAA-certified Durachute technology, which has 36 different configurations with varying Automatic Activation Devices, canopy releases and ripcord handles, the Advanced Emergency Bailout Parachute (AEBP) is lightweight and can be worn in backpack style, or it can be incorporated into fixed-wing or rotorcraft crew seats.

“BAE Systems’ AEBP is environmentally-sealed with our patented technology,” said Greg Kraak, program director for Warfighter Equipment at BAE Systems Support Solutions. “This feature is a great benefit to the Army as it significantly reduces operational costs and extends repack service for up to five years.”

Another key feature of the environmentally-sealed technology is the parachute’s compact size when packed. This technology reduces the volume and bulk associated with packing a parachute, ultimately easing emergency egress from the aircraft.

The new $7 million order will be produced at the BAE Systems Phoenix, AZ facility. Deliveries are expected to begin this September and will continue through September 2013.


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